Social responsibility

       Our company's social responsibility for sustainable development includes paying taxes on time, making our products environmentally friendly, saving electricity and heat in the workplace, providing health insurance to our employees, and reducing waste.

  • In order to save electricity, all company lighting has been changed to LED.

  • 90% of the waste sand was reused by reclaiming the foundry mold mix, reducing waste accordingly.


  • Planting of trees in the company's land has been done to increase greenery.

  • 350,000₮ was spent to build an iron bridge over the flood dam for the residents of Bayantsagaan Bagh, Bayan-Ondur Sum, Orkhon Province. 2015

  • He supported future metallurgists by donating 2.4 million MNT to furnish the MTS training laboratory of SHUTIS. 07.10.2017 

  • In March 2020, 10 million MNT  was donated to the province's special commission during the new coronavirus /covid-19/ infection.

  • A laundry facility was put into operation, and the standard clothes of all employees were regularly washed, and hygienic conditions were improved. August 2020


  • According to MU President's Decree No. 58 of 2021, 400 larch trees are planted and nurtured annually in the areas designated by the local community on the spring and autumn tree planting days of the national movement.


  • We donated another 10 million MNT as emotional support to the entire staff of the Special Provincial Commission, who are working day and night to stop the spread of the new coronavirus and keep the people safe and peaceful . 2021

  • ORA METAL LLC has provided support of 1.0 million MNT each for the treatment of 3-year-old girl B. Anujin and 1-year-old and 2-month-old boy G. Dugersuren from Erdenet City, who urgently need to undergo heart surgery, as part of the "Do not forget the heart" project. The year 2022

  • During the "IT BUSINESS & INNOVATION DAYS ERDENET-2022" event and hackathon held in Erdenet on March 12-13, 2022, ORA METALL LLC provided Erdenet's database, order and "E-Start" LLC, which is developing the Erdenet24 app for delivery, developed a project to protect healthy citizens and the environment by building a rest camp along the hiking route around Erdenet city, setting up information boards and setting up a garbage dump. 2 each in the "Erdenet Hiking" project led by Khuralenchuluun, and in the Free Magic Center project developed by Uuganchimeg and Baasanjav, which developed the Free Magic Center project for the leisure time and cognitive development of young children.Financial support of MNT 0 million has been provided.


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