Training and human development

    ORA METAL LLC constantly conducts research and testing in the field of increasing the variety of products by conducting science-based production.
            Our company cooperates with the Russian Institute of Mining and Mining of the Urals, MTS of Shutis, Erdenet TIS, and conducts professional training of employees, research and analysis on a regular basis.

From the left: S. Bat-Erdene, general director of Orametal LLC, Damdinsuren, rector of SHUTIS, Kosyorov, rector of the Ural Institute of Mining, and Belaev, vice-rector, 2010


  • A memorandum of cooperation was established with ORA METAL LLC and Sh. Otgonbileh Technological School on research and analysis and professional training of employees 2017.09.04          
  • ORAMETALL LLC and SHUTIS School of Technology in Darkhan-Ul Province concluded a memorandum of cooperation in the fields of conducting academic research and experiments, organizing training, providing student internships, and publishing manuals in metallurgical and metallurgical fields. Deputy Director Dr. (PhD) U. Erdenebold and General Director of Orametal LLC Dr. (PhD) S. Bat-Erdene signed. The President of the Mongolian Metallurgical Association Dr. (PhD) S. Monkhjargal, Scientific Secretary of the School of Technology in Darkhan-uul Province D. Bayasgalan, Head of the Engineering Department Dr. (PhD), Associate Professor Ch. Ganzorig, Doctor (PhD), Deputy Professor D. Chuluuntsetseg, master's senior lecturer Ts. Monkhtsetseg and Z. Lachintseren participated. 29.10.2021
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