Ora Metal Team has worked 139 days(296904 man/hours) without lost time ingury and incident
To achieve safe production, we have provided a safety leader/champion program for our Employees.Safety champions for June and July months was selected by HSE Committee and Safety Team
Ora Metal Team has worked 269352man/hours(129days) without lost time ingury starting from 1st of April 2016
To meet the requirements for SAFE Production and generate a safe and health work environment, Ora Metal has created a blame-free safety culture that encourages employees to report any incidents/accidents that have occurred as a result of their own actions.
Ora Metal was pleased to host Oyu Tolgoi Team at Ora Metal site on Thursday 28 July ,2016
Three Workers of the Ora Metal Company and one Worker of the Oracs has awarded the Best Producer of the Mongolian Government.The Award ceremony was held in the Ora Metal Company workplace
The Local Government of Orkhon aimag awarded the top 40 entities today.The Award ceremony was held in the Local Government Palace.Ora Metal Company was awarded third place of the 40 entities.
“Ora Metal” Co.,Ltd has participated in tender announced by Oyu Tolgoi and accomplished the Rio Tinto’s management team criteria which is internationally accepted standards and signed the contract to supply manufacturing balls ...
Ora Metal LLC has developed and implemented an Occupational Health, Safety and Environment policy that deal with all activities related to occupational health, safety and environment in compliance with international standards and best practices, Ora Metal policies and procedures and Mongolian laws and regulations.
Ora metal has involved in project loan to support development of small and medium businesses of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and conducting an agreement for comprehensive consultancy from MICC companies in all stages of our company (equipment, technology, bisiness,finance,governance,safety,environment impact etc..)
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