Our company was established in March 2004 with full support of management and technological experts of the Erdenet Mining Corporation with the view of producing mill-balls to use for mills of the ore-dressing plants domestically, particularly in the given local area, testing them at the Erdenet Mining Corporation’ mills and decreasing the unit expense for ore reduction. 

Having acquainted with experiences of production at Furucawa Casting (Japan), Anhuin factory and Bugat metallurgic factory (China), Novokuznetsk metallurgic works and Gurievsk metallurgic plant (Russia) as well as the Casting plant of Kazakhstan and studied their experience and technology and consulted with the specialists of the Ural Mining University and Mongolian University of Science & Technology, our company has been operating on scientific basis, conducting regular analysis and tests of our products’ quality and manufacturing high-quality abrasion-resistant products with optimim composition in conformity with the requirements and peculiarities of our customers and clients in terms of ore hardness, mill size and operating mode.

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