Company structure


Iron preparation section:

The iron preparation section receives, cuts, cuts, presses, and sorts out scrap iron and cast iron in accordance with the general technical requirements of MNS 4852:1999 "Waste Ferrous Metals" for smelting.


Foundry workshop

Our company has 2 foundry workshops, each of which has a capacity of 750-1000 kg. In 5 electric induction furnaces, according to the technology, scrap iron, cast iron, FeCr, FeMn, FeSi, Al, etc. and sand molds to produce steel balls.


Laboratory of metals 

In the process of melting, samples of liquid metal are taken and the chemical composition is quickly determined on a PDA 5500A photo spectrometer of the Japanese company Shamadzu. This analyzer determines the content of 13 types of elements in the metal structure, including C, Cr, Mn, Si, P, and S, and verifies the product. The mechanical properties of steel balls are determined by Rockwell tools and quality assurance is provided.


Heat treatment

In order to improve the physical and mechanical properties of cast products, heat treatment or drying, molding, and resting are carried out according to technological procedures to improve their quality and make them resistant to wear.


Finished product

Mill chromium-enhanced cast steel balls conforming to MNS 6907:2021 will be supplied to customers in bulk and in 1 ton bags.


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