2004-03-25   ORA METAL LLC was established.

2004-10-26  The first smelting workshop with the capacity to produce 1000 tons/year of mill balls with 2 furnaces was commissioned for the first time.

2010-10-25 ORA METAL LLC has built and expanded the new factory building of the mill ball, and it has a production capacity of 5000 tons per year.

07-01-2016 ORA METAL LLC expansion of the mill ball plant (metal laboratory, regeneration of mold mixture and heat processing workshop was built) and technological update (with wear-resistant high chromium (10-12%) and hardness (60-64HRC)) It is now possible to produce 7000 tons of mill pellets per year. 

2016-12-22  A global mega-project signed a long-term contract with the Oyutolgoi company and started working as a national manufacturer-supplier.

2019-03-11  ORA METAL LLC expanded the mill ball factory and put into operation a new metal laboratory, mold mixture regeneration and foam workshop building, and now it is possible to produce 8000 tons of mill ball per year. 

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