Brief introduction (About the company)

Orametal Ltd was established in 2004 for the purpose of producing steel mill-balls by using the casting method of upgraded steel alloy for the very first time in Mongolia as a result of studying the experiences and technology of Furucawa Casting (Japan) and Anhuin Factory (China). 


So far our company operates with over 80 employees, produces about 3,500 tons of high-quality abrasion-resistant mill-balls for ore reduction per annum and supplies our products to a Mongolian-Russian joint venture “Erdenet Mining Corporation”, Khutul Cement & Lime Plant as well as to gold-mining enterprises of Boroo Gold Company. 

Since our company has advantages of slef-made production and technological know-how, experience and good location close to railway and motor roads, stabilized a production technique, technology and manpower, product’s quality and managed to become a regular partner of Erdenet Mining Corporation and gold-mining enterprises of Boroo Gold Company, we are offering our products to mining companies, which use mineral ore grinding mill-balls of 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 mm diameter and cement grinding cylindrical pebbles etc. 


Our company is capable to produce mill-balls with the most optimum composition, suitable quality, hardness and economically compared with imported balls in compliance with the given mineral ore hardness, peculiarity of mill and grinding mode



High quality abrision-resistant grinding balls based on company own tehnology
60 мм, 100мм, 120 мм,  Hardness : 46-52 HRC

Production Capability:

3 000 tons per year ,   in the fiture 5000 tons per year

Raw materials:

Хаягдал төмөр, ширэм ба ангижруулсан төмөр, феррохром,ферромарганец, ферросилиц, зэс, хөнгөн цагаан, жонш, магнизм, шохой


Company production capability development:  

In 2005 we produced and supplied 1272 tons grinding balls of 120 mm to a Erdenet Mining Corporation

In 2006 we produced and supplied 1560 tons grinding balls of 100 and 120 mm for Erdenet Mining Corporation

In 2007 we produced and supplied 1792 tons grinding balls of 60,100 and 120 mm for Erdenet Mining, Hutul Cement Plant,Boroo Gold and Concentrator plant "Beren"

In 2006 we supplied 2200 tons grinding balls for Erdenet Mining Corporation and Boroo Gold LLC.

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