ORA METAL LLC was established in 2004 to manufacture mill steel balls by using improved steel alloy casting, after researching the experience technology of Japan's Furucawa casting and China's Anhuin factories to produce locally for the first time in Mongolia.   


Currently, operating with more than 200 professional employees, an average of 7,000 tons of high-quality wear-resistant ore grinding mill pellets per year are produced in accordance with MNS 6907:2021 standards, and the products are delivered to the Mountain Enrichment "Erdenet Industry" SOE, Oyutolgoi, Khotol Cement Lime Combine, and Boroogould gold factories respectively. working together.

Our company produces SBCr2 and SBCr12 steel balls that meet the MNS 6907:2021 standards created by us, has a good location on the railway and road networks, and is stable in terms of technology, technology, and labor force. Due to the advantages of being a regular customer of factories and stable product quality, we use 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 60, 80, 90, 100, 120 mm diameter mill balls for mineral ore grinding and cilpeps for cement grinding. offering its products to companies. 

Our company conducts knowledge-based and scientifically based production, regularly analyzes and researches its products, conducts production tests in accordance with the hardness of the ore, the features of the local mill, grinding mode, etc. can be customized and manufactured. 

Types of products:

Cast and cast iron ball, enhanced with mill chrome.

Specifications MNS 6907:2021

ШБКr2, ШБКr12, 15 - 120 mm, celpepsi Hardness: 45-62 HRC

Factory capacity: 8000 tons/year
Industrial raw materials: Scrap iron, pig iron and reduced iron, ferrochrome, ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, copper, aluminum, fluorspar, magnesia, lime


                                               FOUNDERS OF THE COMPANY:

From the left:
S. Bat-Erdene(Ph.D), founder of ORA METAL LLC, chairman of the board of directors D. Tuyajargal, former CEO B. Khurelbaatar, member of the board of directors Ch. Togoochou, founder D. Nyamkhou (2010-10-24)

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